Moodle-Gradebook issue

Not every H5P activity needs to be a grade in the Moodle Gradebook.  For example, I have a hotspot exploration resource that really does not need a grade in my grade book. Having the ability to turn the resource's propagation to the grade book "off" and even customize its appearance would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for the feedback, that is a great idea :)

We are looking into alternatives for improving how H5Ps show in the gradebook and the max score, we would love proposals or/and pull requests on github.

- Thomas

I second this feature request. The "maximum grade" setting which pushes all instances of the H5P Moodle plugin to the gradebook, should be made optional, since many of the activity types do not (necessarily) involve grading. I do not know how easy it would be to accomplish this.

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You¨'re not afraid that people might forget to add a max score to an H5P that should be scored?

Hello! And thanks for such a great project.

Would it be possible to make graded/ungraded an option, with a default max score that is enabled when choosing the graded option?



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Thank you for the suggestion David.


Thank for considering it!