Image Hotspot suggestion

Hi there,

As a teacher i love to use this resource on my website and use it in the classroom.
I also started to make content for the children to discover all kind of things.

One thing i miss is the possibility of having a title next to the hotspot icon? I made a small example.
Ofcourse it would be best for all user if it is optional.
Second we got the option to add image and video. I miss the option to add sound. For example when i have a image hotspot of a bird i would like to be able to add the sound of a bird

Even though i know nothing about developing i hope these small ideas makes this great plugin even better.





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Hi Mitchz,

These are great ideas, thanks a lot! Having an optional label next to the icon is probably something that will be added sooner or later. Audio is also a good idea, but I would have prioritized labels first I think.


I agree that an optional label should be priotitized over the audio option. I shall quitly wait for it. :) Is there a way or list were people from the community can see what is next on the list?

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There is the roadmap but it isn't very detailed. Will create a KanBan board or something soon with much more details, but the community always affects what is next. If someone decides to implement something then that something is probably next :)

Hi Mitchz,

Have you got any teaching resources you might wish to share - free or chargeable - I have created a site for teachers to share resources and contribute or get CPD.  H5P is fantastic for this and needs to be more widely adopted. Thanks Gary