A really Cool Glossary

I'd love to be able to create a glossary of video, image and text-based definitions of various terms and have it automatically populated.

So, say I make an interactive video, perhaps there could be an "add to glossary" toggle switch that would automatically add the content (in alphabetical order, of course) to a separate glossary. I could have the glossary somewhere else, say as a menu item. Plus - wouldn't it be cool if those glossary items could also appear as a light box in a regular post? So, say you need to link to an explantion of a term in a post, instead of linking to another page, you just link to the glossary item and it appears as a lightbox over the existing post.

Maybe this is a stupid idea - I have no idea -I'm brand new to H5P, but loving it!

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Hi Kim,

Sounds like great ideas to me! Are you using H5P in your own WordPress, Moodle or Drupal site or here on H5P.org?

H5P only want to be about the content itself and not the context around the content. Your idea sounds like something that can be both - it could be a separate WordPress plugin for instance or it could be part of a new H5P content type perhaps. Will keep thinking about it :)

Wordpress - thanks for the reply :)


There's a few plugins that do this already https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-glossary/