Question Set - How to not show solution


We have a question set where we would like to disable the show solution button at the end, but it always shows.

We unchecked the show solution flag and used the overwrite settings flag but to no avail.

We are using H5P (latest version) on a wordpress.

Any idea on how to fix this?





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We plan to release a new version of QuestionSet this week were this issue is fixed.

Thansks for the info.

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I just upgraded to the June 21, 2016 release and did not see any way to disable "Show solutions" at the end of a Question Set. Was this bumped to a future release or am I missing something?

Same here : despite the latest release and upgrade, the "Show the solution" button is still displayed at the end of the Question Set, no matter what. I was able to hide it through CSS override (display:none) though.



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Don't know what have happend here. Will be investigated for the next release.

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You're correct, there's no option for removing the 'Show Solution' button at the end of the Question Set. I believe what was fixed in the last release was the option to override the 'Show Solution' button for each question and the 'Display results' option.

This feature should be in place once this ticket is released:

Is this fixed yet?

I would like the 'show solutions' button NOT to appear on the final summary page. Thanks

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Hi Baldrick, the changes have been made and should be released soon. 

- Tim

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I updated the Jira issue. Not sure why we haven't released that one yet.

Hello, I'm still seeing the issue and can't turn off "show solution" even with the latest update. Any steps around it or ETA on a fix would be appreciated. Thanks!

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This is not released yet, and probably it will take a while before it is available. ETA is currently unknown

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Hey all,

is there any hope of it not always showing the solution no matter what you check. No matter what i do on word press in terms of unchecking, disabling, etc... it always shows the solution making the value minimized. thank you so much.

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Hi Sbarab,

You can achieve this by unchecking "Display solution button" under Quiz Finished". Concurrently you can uncheck the option "Show "Check" Buttons" under "Setting for "Check...". This way both the individual questions and the summary will not have a show solution button. You can also download this simple content and use it as a template.


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Thank you for the quick response. Very Cool. Also, do you think Essay will make its way into column, video, and quiz (question set) soon?

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Hi Sbarab,

We'll have to wait for Otacke's answer here. Since he is the author of the content and spearheading any projects pertaining to it.


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I am the author of Essay and the work necessary to make it work in compound content types has been completed quite some time ago. However, these changes have not yet been reviewed and approved, and I cannot do that myself, of course. We'll have to wait until priorities allow someone else to pick up the review issue.