Excellent tool for Moodle resources.

Greetings to all.

I am an instructional designer and I care about the development of resources to improve learning.

Discovering H5P this week and got me in shock. Excellent tool for creating useful content for e-learning. 
I understand that you can not use H5P on a production site moodle and conducting tests and I discovered a glitch so far.

I need to see if the fault is the template I'm using or if it is a conflict of code and moodle H5P.

Congratulations and count me for suggestions and translations in Spanish.

Regards, Milciades

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Glad you like it, please let us know if the glitch is something that needs fixing! We hope to get the first production ready version out the door this month.


I tried it with other moodle templates and  happens only with the roshnlite theme. A friend who is a programmer told me it has a conflict with some class in the java script or template's CSS and H5P .. By now my only solution is to change and use another template.

On the other hand, it might give you some ideas for a type of content that could be created with H5P. Just tell me and will write the project. I hope you like...
 PS: Sorry to tell... I am not a programmer but I am a teacher but I have a specialty in ICT for education. Only I am looking for interesting ways to show training content... And again... I LOVE YOU WORK!!!  
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Thanks again, and thanks for helping out here. I've asked the people working on the Moodle plugin to have a look at this and determine if we have a problem in H5P or if this is something that should be fixed in the template.

Hi there!!!

As I told you maybe related to the js used in the slider used in that moodle template... I do not consider H5P... at the moment is working perfectly...

By now I have to create the content using a local installation of WordPress as an editor. I think the uses for this application could be endless.

I have a question: It could be possible to embed the player within Html o content page instead clicking the name of the resource and opening it in another view?

Thanks in advance...

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That is probably a good idea. I don't think it will make it into the first version but we'll see in upcoming versions :)
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I just tried using the latest theme https://moodle.org/plugins/theme_roshnilite with Moodle 3.0.4 and the latest H5P plugin. I tried this in combination with creating and uploading two different H5Ps, Multi-choice and Course-Presentation. I have all the default settings in roshnilite, and I'm not able to reproduce the issue you are encountering.

Could you give some more specific info on the versions, browser, theme settings and H5P content type you were using when you encountered this ? Perhaps you can try to upgrade to the latest versions and see if you still encounter the problem.

- Thomas

Hey... thanks for following the subject.

Ok, I get it... I will try again upgrading everything and try some snapshots to document the issue if persists...

Thanks again and I'll keep you posted.