Troubles with "Question Set" H5P activity

Hello !

I am testing the "Question set" H5P type of content and I'm a bit at a loss...

1) First of all, I had trouble to upload the H5P sample file and the libraries that get along with it, the ones that are to be downloaded on this page : The file is "big" (3,2 Mo) ; maybe this is the problem ? I don't know but here is a screenshot of the error message that I got everytime I tried (see below : error.png). So I created my own "question set" online on, dowloaded it and uploaded it on my WP-plugin : this time it worked out perfectly.

2) I really don't understand the line framed in red on the second screenshot (lost-bit.png). What is it related to ? It seems to me that this is a lost input because whatever I write it isn't displayed anywhere on the final quiz and it is quite lost between other settings (see below : lost-bit.png)? But maybe this is my mistake.

3) Also, there are many settings to input texts that should be displayed at the end of the quiz to congratulate the learner or encourage him. I framed them in red on the third screenshot (unused-settings.png). But no matter what, these results are never displayed at the end of the quiz. They seem to be there but unused (see below : unused-settings.png)

4) Regarding the "Mark the words" type of question, I think that the learner should have feedback when he checks his answers. If he has found out 2 correct words but there were 4 to be found, he doesn't know if he succeeded or not : all he sees are the 2 correct answers in green but no indication that there are 2 other words missing. I think that there should be a "score" displayed here, to inform the learner about the number of correct and incorrect answers but also about the missing answers - like there is in the standalone version of this tool (see below : no-score-displayed.png)

5) At the end of the quiz, no matter what settings I've checked or unchecked in the creation form, there is always a "Show the solution" button displayed. But sometimes I don't want my students to access the solution yet. It would be cool if we could enable or not this button - and I thought that this option was offered in the creator form but all the settings are a bit confusing, so I probably misunderstood (see below : settings-no-solution.png and show-answers-forced.png). 

That's all I got for now :) I hope that this is helpful, but maybe I didn't understood the way the plugin work - in which case I'm sorry to bother you.



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Let me try to answer your questions:

  1. Yes, sounds like a file size issue. We probably should try to make it smaller, and you probably should change your settings as well so that you also may upload bigger images
  2. I don't know why it is there either, but we will fix it and update this page when that is done.
  3. You are right, it seems that we have messed up that part in an update. Will update this page as soon as that has been fixed!
  4. I agree. We will fix that as well!
  5. Yes, it should remove all show solution buttons from the individual questions but not from the end. You need to chech the first checkbox to make the third checkbox take effect. Not very intuitive I know, we will fix this as well.

Thanks a lot. This is one of the best feedbacks we've ever got. 4 concrete things we can fix to make things a lot more intuitive and easy to use! If you provide your address through our contact form we'll send you an H5P t-shirt!

Hi ! I'm so glad that my feedback is helpful because I wasn't sure about my understanding of how this plugin works... So thanks for taking my feedback into account to improve the tool !

About point 5 : I tried at first what you suggested (ckecking the first checkbox) but then what happens at the end of the "question set" is weird after pressing the "End quiz" button : the student's final score is not displayed at all and there is a... how can I say that... an empty frame instead (see screenshot attached). I think it would be great if the final score could be displayed - along with statements as "yeah, you did great !" or "you should try again" - even though we choose to hide the "Show the solutions" button.

Thanks again for taking my feedback into account and also for your kind gift : I'll proudly wear my H5P tee-shirt to promote the H5P tools :D

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Jikes, Question Set really is in need of some TLC. We will fix that last problem you mentioned as well. Thanks a lot! I don't think we've received your address yet. We need that for the T-Shirt. Did you provide us with an address through the contact form?
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4. has been fixed in commit 40fa654 and will be part of the April release.

Thanks for this update !

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Regarding 2):

This label is actually used within the copyrights dialog of Question Set. I certainly agree that it is not very intuitive. I have improved the label for this field within the editor to make it clearer. Commit can be found at 2745b6b and will be part of the April release :)

Thanks for the fix ! I think that this setting was indeed tricky ;)

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