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Hi, is there an easy way to remove the embed and download options showing at the bottom of the screen? I think about using your plugin to create activities for children as part of our course and wouldn't like parts of our course end up being downloaded and embeded on other sites.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Monika

In Edit mode, simply uncheck those tickboxes from the publish options.


I have a content H5P in my moodle course and added a "video" to a slide.  I "unchecked" the download option in the video, but when we save the slide, it still shows the "download" button in the player control.  We don't want users downloading the video, how do I get rid of this?


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Under "Display options" header, un-check "Download button". Then save the content. When the H5P shows up in the view the "download" button should not be visible. If the button does not show up go to the plugin settings "plugin" -> "H5P Settings" and choose "never show" for download button, or "controlled by author, default is on/off" then go back to the settings of the H5P and uncheck the "Download button" option, which should be showing now. If this does not work for you, please provide detailed steps on how you can reproduce this and which Moodle version you are on.

Hi Thomas, 

I got this problem and am not sure if it is the same as in this thread of inquiry...

I am using image hotspot. Each hotspot is attached with a Vimeo video. Under 'Display Options', I unchecked 'Display Download button' and 'Display Embed button'. So it is working that under the frame of the image, there is no H5P download and embed icons. BUT, when I click on a hotspot and get the video frame coming up, there is this download icon at the bottom of the media player. See the screenshot attached.

I have disabled 'download' in Vimeo for the video. When I directly embed the vimeo video in a webpage and paly it, no download icon.   

Anything else I need to configure in my site to remove this icon? It is WordPress 4.8




As long as it is not the iframe embed code to be used, the download icon of a Vimeo video will be visible if hyperlinking the video.

I am wondering if anyone has submitted a feature request re: making 'embed ifram code' option available for inserting videos in H5P content...hope this can become available soon... Thanks! 

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Hi ucalgarycme,

I think I've seen several request similar to this, here is one example.



I have a vicious circle. I need the embedded box checked, to bring the code to a html module on my website.

But then, this module displays the option to view the embedded code and we do not want it to be displayed. And if I uncheck the box of embedded code in my account H5P, then I can not bring it to my web html module.

How to solve this?

Thanks and regards,


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If you use WordPress see the WordPress config page.




Thanks for your interest and help.

The html module is in a page created on Joomla.

The exercise looks good and works well, but we wish to remove the option of embedded code.

Kind regards,


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Oh, have you created the H5P here on Then it isn't currently possible to remove the embed code button. We will make it possible in the future.


Yes, the content was created in

We would be grateful if we could turn it off in the future.

Thanks and regards,


After you create your content, get the embed code, then go back to edit and uncheck the option. The embed code will still work even after you do this (but the download and embed action bar and frame won't be there).

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You're right about that it seems :) It's not like that on WordPress afaik. In the future there will be separate settings for what buttons will be displayed in embed mode and normal mode and it will be possible to turn off embed in Drupal.

Hi Falcon, do you know if this feature is on the roadmap for the near future. I am facing the vicious cycle situation in Wordpress (turn embed on, can embed, but embed button shows up on the content) and also need the embed function to work in Moodle. Because of the way Moodle resources and activities are designed eg separate assets, it is really important to be able to embed the content in the body of a page/course however we don't want students getting the embed code. Thank you, Sarah

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Hi Sarah,

This is at least nothing were are working on for the next release. It might be done later if enough users need this functionality. Here is a relevant issue:

Thanks for the link fnoks - it sounds like a promising solution. 

Is there already a solution for disabling the download button in the video-player frame?  Would be very nice!

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Hi Erho, I don't think a solution has come up just yet.


I am trying to use h5p activity in Moodle. Is there any way that I can enable show solution button after user checks whether its right or wrong ( I am using Image sequencing

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Hi telugu,

There is an option in the behavioural settings to show solution. You can also see this sample here.