A Kahoot like activity?


Has somebody thought in implementing a kahoot like Quiz?


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Hi fenli,

I guess that someone has probably played with the idea, but it's probably off-setting by the idea of challenging/competing with Kahoot. What do you think the benefits of such a content type in H5P would be?

I and a college have done some planning and work on a prototype for a generic multiplayer server where the idea is that it should support multiple content types, e.g. competing with a friend when solving a memory game. Hopefully, we'll find some time to complete this soon.


Well, we have been evaluating different Moodle plugins that implement a Kahoot like behaviour (eVoting and Active quiz), and wondered if H5P had planned a movement in that sens.

We think that it could provide a way to mark a difference between different learning application. Besides, it will introduce gammification and competivity in the classroom, which is a tendence we are following on our system.

Best regards.

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Thanks for your input. Gamification is definitely something we're interested in getting more of in H5P.


With some of the new functionality Moodle 3.9 integrating H5P, I wondered had there been any additional thought that had gone into this? Kahoot provides a great way to fact check a virtual audience and fun an engaging way, it would be awesome to do this via H5P directly in Moodle

I think Kahoot-like live session h5p content is a great idea. It would be great if this idea can be realized.