some proposals

I am very happy to have H5P and created a lot of excercices. Now I have some general proposals:

The feedback in "mulitiple choice" is perfect. But I miss this detailed feedback in other tasks.

In some tasks one have the possibility to highlight text for example, in some not (drag text).

If you want to create two tasks (also of the same kind) you have to make an interactive video. Why can I not add two or more tasks in the same excercise for my students?

For tasks concerning spelling it would be helpful, if - together with the check-function - you can see the correct spelling. The user should find an error, and later he gets the correct spelling as a feedback.

I do not use the Dictation-task. I would like to have a detailled feedback after each sentence.

Last question: Is it possible to find out how often a video or a task is used?

Many thanks for having the possibility to work with your system and best regards!

Siegbert Rudolph

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Hey Siegbert!

How would you suggest that detailed feedback in Dictation should work?



Hi Oliver!

Thank you for your question. My statement was not clear. I mean that a dictation with more sentences should have one loudspeaker to click on for each sentence. After writing one sentence the student can look at the feedback. Then click on the next loudspeaker to continue working on the next sentence.

Best regards, Siegbert

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Hi Siegbert!

Ah, now I get it.

I think I'll put this ball into the core team's court :-) Since what you're suggesting means to have a set of Dictation questions with one sentence each, all that's necessary is to add Dictation to the list of content types supported by H5P Question Set. At least that's sufficient if it's not required to see all sentences at once.



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Hi Siegbert,

First of all thank you for the suggestions. However I suggest that you post suggestions/requests on the Feature Request forum. That forum is dedicated for feature requests and it is where the core team or members of the community (like Oliver) picks up ideas for new features to add.

However I will try to answer some of your questions that are not feature reqeust related.

1. Highlighting the draggables in Drag Text IMOO is not a good idea and would probably be a challenge on how it will be implemented since there would be an additional layer to tell the content if the user is "highlighting" or "dragging" the element.

2. There are several content types that lets you add multiple contents in a single activity. Below are some of these:

3. In terms of tracking this is not possible but it may be possible if you are using one of the 3 supported frameworks and if have another plugin or custom setup to track these. You can read more about analyzing data in these documentations:

Furthermore a data similar to this is available if you sign up an subscription.

For the dictation question I think it's best that Oliver answers this since he developed this content type.

@Oliver as always thanks for the help ;-)