Blue bar on the side of content

Dear all,

My colleagues and I encounter a blue bar whenever we try to create an activity or graphs in a H5P-presentation (see attachment). 
I will take you through the steps to explain what I do:

1. We upload an image that serves as a background image for the sheet.

2. We put the image to the back.

3. We add the content

- (first the title,

- then the images,

- and then the extra, interactive content.

In the example of the image, I added a true/false question.


Could anyone help me with getting rid of the blue bar? 

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,



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Hi Menno,

The blue bar is the auto generated scroll bar if the content does not fit inside the container. Expanding the container by dragging the corners or manually adjusting the pixels in the editor should do the trick.


Hi BV52, 

Thank you for your contribution. I understand now.