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Greetings from the very heart of SE Asia, Phnom Penh.

In the Course Presentation Sample, there's a section "How familiar are you with France?" Could somebody tell me what content types have been used there? Or guide me to the tutorial - can't for the life of me find a tutorial that describes that specific workflow. Or just point in the direction of setting up the "Click the flag," the "Find France on the map," and the "Click the national anthem" questions. Any little help greatly appreciated.

Kudos to the developers... this is getting more interesting by the day!!! THX for all the work.

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Hi frankdamienzoe,

Greetings from your neighbor in Manila ;-), I'm glad you like what you see so far.

The "France" example uses a combination of images and "Go To Slide" objects. The "Go To Slide" is hidden and is on top of the images. If you click on the correct answer it is set to go to the next slide and for incorrect answers it is set to go to the "incorrect" slide which in turn has only one option which is to restart the activity. You can also use the "reuse" button at the bottom of the content to download it and upload it to your account so that you can check for yourself how this was accomplished.