Skipping quiz

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I use H5P in my WPLMS themed website. They created the option to embed the quizzes and use the scores on their certificates. Really cool! Normally I can skip a quiz by clicking VOLGENDE (that means NEXT in Dutch). I have no issues. Expect when I click next in two specific H5P quiz types: h5p-speak-the-words-set or h5p-dictation. THis happens for both me as admin or as member/student. It doesn't happen when I have don the quizzes and want to skip them a next time just to go through them. This is the report when I click F12/inspect and go to console: Any idea what it could be? I embed them as quizzes, should I add them as normal elements? That we the score doesn't count in the end, but perhaps that could be worth a try... Any advice?


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Hi Gijs!

I am not familiar with WPLMS and don't know what "skipping a quiz" or embedding as quiz/normal element means in this context or what Dictation would do differently compared to other content types. Do you mind to elaborate/add screen shots?

The error inside the console is most likely not related. Your theme (I suppose) is just trying to load the favicon for the browser menu bar via "http" instead of "https", and since your page is served using https (securely), it can't load content via http (insecure).