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Hi all.

this seems like a really simple question so I am sorry if I am missing something obvious. I am very new to H5P and I want to add an element to an elearning module that asks a question which then allows the user to respond with free text. There doesnt seem to be an element for this and to my mind this seems unlikely. Am I missing something?

For example, I want to ask something like -

What are the key issues for you?  or Write down your top four learning objectives in studying this module.

Ideally i would like the facility for the element to save the responses into a student repository so they could save it and reconsider it after completing the module. I thought that the Continuous Text element in Presentation might do this but I can't quite work out what exactly this does or how this works?

Can you advise?

Thanks in advance


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Maybe you're looking for ExportableText in the presentation content type? You find it by clicking/hovering over the plus arrow to the right in the toolbar. It's currently tool number two there.

Thanks for your response. Yes this does look more like what I am after but I am still confused. There does not seem to be any export options available for the editied text, nor does there seem to be anyway of providing  formatting of the answer box. There is no information about what will happen to the answer or seemingly any options to decide. 

I think I assumed that the H5P tools would involve creating elearning actions where responses would be saved to some kind of learning log for each user and thus that the responses to each type of question would be able to be saved to a file for later evidence and revision use.

In this sense a lot of the options available in the editor dont seem to make much sense. For example in the Export Text tool the first field is entitled Label whcih I assumed would be the label or title for the object on the finished workspace but in fact it appears to be the place where you place the instructions and / or questions for the Text Box.

Sorry if this is a bit rambling I am writing it as it is happening to me rather than with clear questions.

Thanks in advance


It seems I was not looking properly. I have now spotted the Export Text button which is above rather than below the Continuous Text object. Also I have dioscovered that the output in terms of scores is recorded in the users profile in Drupal which makes sense. It would be good if export text elements and other exercises complete with answers could also be stored here is some kind of learner diary. This would assist in portfolio building and aid review or revision. It would still be good to have some more formatting options for the export text object though.

PS What is the difference between the Text element and Continuious Text element in the Presentation tool?

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Yeah, we're going to add xAPI so that all student actions may be saved. Hopefully we'll be able to launch this in a couple of weeks. Text is just a simple text box. Continuous text can take an entire book of text in the editor and will automatically spread the text out over each text area. So all continous text boxes share the same text while the text box have one text per box

How do I create a portfolio?

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Hi dawnhart!

What exactly do you have in mind? Portfolio is a pretty broad term, and H5P may or may not be the best way to go.