Moodle: disable grade book entry

I am using Interactive Video sometimes without asking any question. Nevertheless the video shows up in gradebook.

Could you present an option to leave gradebook without entry (or am I missing something)? 

Add option to not fire XAPI statements
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Hi Hermann,

Thanks for your feedback.

I think your suggestion is a bit of a sidecase, so it might not be worth the effort at the moment. But in the context of a rewrite of the communication between H5P and Moodle (xAPI), it could be interresting.

- Tom

I can't find it right now, but I think I remember someone posting that you could hide the activity's grade in the Moodle grade book and it would not be visible to students nor counted toward course average. I haven't verified this.

It would definitely be a nice feature - maybe a "Graded?" checkbox in the activity's settings in Moodle. Or that entering “0” as the maximum grade blocks it from being entered into the grade book.



 For all those using H5P for student exercises, not for testing, it is  essential to disable grades being posted in the Moodle grade book.

 I am getting many complaints from teachers about exercises appearing in the grade book

 Is there a simple fix for this?


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Hi Bill,

You have point regarding that some activities should not show up in the Gradebook. I'm afraid this is not possible as of the moment without making changes to the code. Perhaps someone in the community has implemented something similar and they are invited to join in the conversation. Furthermore H5P is open source so you or anyone in the community can make the changes.


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I think that there are two options after you hide the grades:

1. You can place all of the hidden H5P assignments in a category folder with grade type "None" selected. This will ensure that students can't see the assignment  AND that those assignments are calculated into the grade.

2. Or maybe try this:

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Thank you for the input ajcroom



Thank you for your input.

I have created a category folder and put the exercises in it.

This works well at hiding the results from students.

I also have a role of training manager, who is not a teacher, but crucially can see grades of all students in their group.

I am working on hiding the category from them too.

Using SCSS I have hidden the level 3 text, in this case the title of the exercises.


#page-grade-report-user-index .user-grade .level3


display: none;



I am working on hiding the level 2 headings for the category and the category total to the Training manager. If you have any ideas please let me know, as soon as I get an answer I will share it here.



You can hide H5P elements from gradelist, by hiding in the gradebook.

1. go to your course gradebook setup (see H5P_hide_from_gradebook.png)

2. Hide your H5P activity (see gradebook_setup.png)