memory game faults

Hello here

i've tried the memory game for the first time with some pictures from fruits for my first class pupils. But i was a little bit disappointed, to see, that where multiple pairs of the same pictures, as you can see here: . So it will be not motivating for my first graders try to solve this game. Maybe there is a solution for that?

Best wishes from germany


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Hi nemo42,

I checked the your content, you created 2 sets of cards for each image. In creating a memory game content one image goes into one card and the it automatically creates a duplicate once you save it. So if you have 5 images you just need to create 5 cards and once you save it you will have 10 cards on the board. I have fixed your content and you can download it here.


Ah fine thanks to you and your fast answer I had'nt know nothing about the automatism of duplicating the cards and so I will go further with h5p

Best wishes