Desktop container for playing .h5p files ?

This could sound anywhere between from being out-of-scope, to a novice question, but I was wondering if there is a way to play .hp5 files from a desktop container developed using toolkits like TideSDK. The problem I am trying to address is for users to be able to create content (especially interactive videos) from a website that has H5P enabled, and distribute the .hp5 files , that can be viewed offline in a desktop application. I am designing a cheap e-learning module for under privileged schools in remote villages in India, where online content delivery is out of the question.
Hence I would like to be able to use / develop (incase it does'nt already exist)a desktop container that will be cross-platform ,and independent of browser compatibility (I assume h5p is supported in chromium etc, and thus by theory, a desktop container built on the chromium (or other supported) tool kits should be possible).
Please advice, I am very new to H5P (T - 2 hrs).


This would be great and I would love to pitch in to have it developed ..

I'd like all the help I can get too :) but I am very new to h5p , a day since I have come across it. it'd be awesome if you can help with going about this project (the h5p container) :)

In the future we hope to see H5P apps for all the most common desktop and mobile plattforms. Joubel would also be willing to assist and pitch in to have it developed, or develop it ourselves in the future.


Is there any update on this? I'd like an offline version too as a lot of schools have security restrictions about letting students browse, so the ability to download and use H5P locally would be very good.

Happy to help but I'm a bit of an all round novice.


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I am in the same boat, would be great to be able to have my learners watch these offline.



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Hi nicola,

There is no update on when the H5P offline player will be available but it is part of the Roadmap.


We are proud, that we are now able to "produce" even DVD's with H5P-Contents, also including videos and all other elements, and working complete offline. Of course also on every laptop etc. We are not wellknown as a company for producing H5P, but with a daily production of up to 50 high value contents  for school from class 1 to 13 for all subjects, we are leading company for H5P in Germany. The newest product line with an existing offline solution will be presented to the public for the first time next week at Didacta (Cologne / Germany).

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Hello can you brief a little more on offfline h5p content viewing as we work on remote villages in africa where connectivity is an big issue.It would be great if you just guide me how to develop an offline h5p player for android tablets.waiting for your reply and all the best for your company future.

hi, would you share any information about using H5P content offline? Is it available only for your company or you can make it public?

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There is a project underway that aims at implementing H5P in nodejs. One aim is to provide support for an electron based offline version   of the editor. An offline player would be quite easy to do that way, too. You can find it at