The drop label is to smal




I want to use Drag and drop in a game, but the drop sone – labels are to short. I want the players to put sentence in the right order, not only words. When I drag the sentence to the box the hole sentence do not show.


Hvor mange tegn er det plass til i en slik boks? Er det en annen H5P-type som er bedre egnet til å sette setninger på rett plass og ikke bare ord?




Sylvia Nordeng


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Hi sylvianordeng,

Thank you for reporting this. I have created a bug report and you can follow it here.


We only have words in the drag and drop, but if you are on a small screen or in a video, the label itself is too small, not the truncation, but the place where you have to drop the word becomes very small, and you miss it becouse it is too small. 

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Hi Kristoffer,

I think this happens when the content adjusts to the size of the screen. It is not a "bug" but instead a feature that needs to be added. I suggest that you head over to the Feature Request forum and post your suggestion/observation.