Scoring within Moodle

Is anyone successfully using the scores form H5p components?   If so would you be kind enough to share some details please?

We want to break up courses with questions/quizzes, and ensure you have done those before moving on. Preferably within the presentation component.

The Moodle course grades don't appear to collect scores from either the presentation module or single choice modules, showing 'error' instead.

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I reported this into the h5p Jira as a bug, and it will be looked into.

- Tom

Tom, it's worth noting that grades are reported once assignment completion is switched on within Mooodle settings. Good news.  John.

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Thanks, I added your comment to the jira ticket.

- Tom

H5P for Moodle does record scores to the gradebook.

If you are using Completion Tracking, you have the option to use "required grade" ,which means Moodle will mark the activity as complete when it receives a score.  However, be mindful that at this stage, it doesn't know the pass grade.  So even a score of 1 would mean a pass.

So you need to:

  • Go into the gradebook,
  • TurnEditing On,
  • Click on the cog next to the Activity
  • Click "show more info" 
  • Set the "grade to pass".

A lot of teachers forget to do this (understandably)

is there any furhter information about H5P activity scores being reflected in the Moodle grades seciton or does it simply indicate that the activity is complete according to activity completion settings? Any help appreciated using Moodle 3.newest version

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Hi nkearns,

H5P contents that supports xAPI provides scores and data (answers given by students) and can be accessed in the Gradebook. I highly recommend looking through these documentation: