Course Presentations with embedded links not loading / some presentations not editable

Course presentations that include videos with embedded links or other interactive elements were not loading in the i-frame recently, and when checking them in h5p, they did not appear in the preview, until you click "Edit." Once you resave the interactive, the course presentation appears again as normal. Is this a bug?

I went through and resaved all the ones needed, and in this process, also came across several that were no longer working -- these were slideshows with videos or images that you can click on, only the click through wasn't working.

When I went to try to edit and check them over in h5p, they were uneditable. 

I attached two screenshots to show the preview that doesn't show up for the course presentations with videos and links, and one to show what happens when I click edit in some of the course presentations (and it is uneditable).

I cannot download the h5p file since the preview doesn't show up, but these are the embed links for the ones I'm having trouble with: (links not clickable, though they were previously, not editable in h5p) (links not clickable, though they were previously, not editable in h5p) (not showing up at all, not editable in h5p) (links not working properly, though they were previously, not editable in h5p)

Please advise.

These were created using the free trial version of h5p, and embedded via i-frame in another site.

Using: Chrome

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Thank you for letting us know about this bug. It is now fixed and released.