H5P content not loading on iPhone 4s


I recently discovered that my iPhone 4s does not show any H5P content anymore (It does show on a Samsung Android and it does show on a desktop).

  1. I do not know when this first happened, is was fine a year ago, I did not check since.
  2. Platform and version number. Wordpress 5.2.2
  3. Mobile: iPhone 4s with ios 9.3.6
  4. Browser: Safari
  5. H5P plugin version: 1.13.1
  6. H5P content type: Dialog Cards, Flashcards, Column (all H5P content types I suppose)
  7. Sample URL: https://mobiel.leernt2.nl/leer-nt2/leerweg/?pen=1&blok=1&blok_volgnummer=1
  8. Any browser console errors: None
  9. Any PHP errors: None

Any suggestions?



H5P content not loading on iPhone 4s
Content types: 
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Hi Toon!

It's well possible that something was changed that broke compatibility with iOS9 in order to support later versions - Apple creates some pitfalls for developers from time to time, unfortunately. As far as I know, the H5P core team aspires to support the latest three versions of an operating system or browser, so I am not sure if something can or will be done for iOS9.


Hi Oliver,

I meanwhile discovered that the issue appeared after updating  to H5P 1.13.1 (H5P 1.12 still worked fine).

Evolution an progress leave some behind...