Server Error 500 when trying to embed examples from this site

I'm just playing with H5P at the moment and the embed is not working for me.

When I insert the following script tag in a plain HTML file running on a local server:

src="" data-h5p="" async

It generates the following error message in the browser console:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

Are there any restrictions on where embedding can take place?


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I guess you are using Drupal 7, which has a bug causing this behaviour.

This bug will be fixed in the new release of the H5P module for Drupal 7, which will be available this week. I will add a comment to this thread when the module is available for download.

Thank you for reporting this issue!

I'm embedding one of the examples from this site in a plain old HTML page.

I think the 500 error message is being returned by the HP5 server when the ajax call is made from the browser.

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I see, is a Drupal 7 site and has this issue. We plan to launch a new version of the module next week, and also update

Any news when the new version will be published? On the Drupal site there is still the old May beta version...
I am not allowed to use a DEV version for my project....

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We hope to release it this week. If we don't encounter any surprises in our finalt testing we will release it very soon.

I would like to recommend that in the Admin Area there should be additional tick options to allow the selection whether you want to allow a module to be embedded, or the copyright to be displayed or not, so the embed-icon or the copyright icon would be displayed or not. Currently you only can enable/disable the download option...

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Noted. Thank you for your feedback!