How to create a differentiated personality quiz?

Hi I am quite new to H5P so I hope someone could give me hint how to achieve the following:

I have a set of 30 questions with 3 different answers for each question.

The user gets different scores (1 - 3) for answering each question.

As a result I would like to relate the user to one of 3 different personalities depending on the score he or she got during the quiz.

Personality 1: 30 to 49 points
Personality 2: 50 to 79 points
Personality 3: 80 to 90 points

Is it possible to create such a personality quiz with one of the H5P modules?

Which one would fit best for this purpose?

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my limited English :-)




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Hi Frank,

There is no content type that can achieve exactly this but the Personality Quiz content type should be a good substitute.