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Hi everyone,

I am new in this community, the firts thing that i have to say is: You are doing a greate job, congratulations, this tool is amazing.

I am EDTech Manager in a university in Brazil, i am a expert in User Experience for LMS, and right now my challenge is build amazing contents using the power of web tecnology and custom designs.

Here we use Scorm as the base of our material, and when we have create a custom resource like a timeline, we have to spend hours and hours and a lot of code to do that.

My question is: I know that a can use H5O content inside a scorm using a iframe code, but to do that i have to hosting the H5p content here.

Can i use H5P content inside a scorm using my own Moodle as a host? i try somethings like host the content in a course using the moodle pluging and get the url and share with my scorms, i dont know with this is the best pratice for us.

Could you see some solution to this case?

Best Regars

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Hi Rafael,

Yes you can and it is actually advisable that you host your own content.