Saving a H5P slide show in this website and uploading it to a Moodle site that has got a H5P plugin already installed

I have made a Slide show in H5P

How can I save/download this to a format that can be uploaded to a Moodle site that has already installed a h5P plugin?

I cannot see how I can download the H5P slide show to a Moodle format or even H5P format in this website

Thank you for the help

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Hi kmendis,

You can download the content using the "re-use" button at the bottom of the content. Then you can upload it into the plugin in Moodle.



Thank you for the prompt reply

This is exactly my problem - where is the RE-USE button?
Cannot see this button in the interface where I have done my interactive presentation.

I have attached a screenshot.






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Hi Kumara,

In your screenshot you did not include the bottom of the content. Although I can see a bit of the icon for re-use just right below "Intro".