How add new language to libraries

Hello. i use h5p in drupal and i want add fa language to it. i can add fa for h5p-editor in module/vendor/h5p-editor-language and this work properly and h5p-editor translated to my language.
But i can't find any way to translate libraries to my language. for example when i add fa.json to MultiChoise libraries in sites/default/files/h5p/MultiChoise/language and translate file my language still is english and i can't changed it.
for translate i try with 2 solution
1- use h5p-cli to add my language file to librarie
2- create fa language file manually from semantic.json file

can anybody help me to explain how can i add new language file to libraries?

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Hi arefen,

This page is a good place to start.



I have a same problem

I cant find any way to translate libraries to my language


I want translate for persian language

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Hi Amir,

The page I provided above should help you with translating H5Ps.


Hi BV52. i read that page and create a pull request in this url.

Isn't there any fast soulution ?

I faced this problem as you. I cannot translate my library in Indian and it really hurts me 

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Hi Joseph,

Following the instructions on the link above should let you create those translations.



I contributed translations of few content types to Slovene and would need information for our Moodle admin, how to add these translations to Moodle libraries. They are allready merged on master branch in Github.

We tried to update content types in Moodle (like here) and nothing happened. Our translation is still not reachable (e.g. Text overrides and translations).

Do we have to just wait for the new releases of the content types? How often is this?

Thank you.
Best regards,


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Hi Miro,

I suggest that you wait for the update. It may cause issues if you manually add them locally and a new update is released. We usually release updates once or twice a month depending on several factors (critical bug fix, major updates takes longer etc.).