Option to solve in drag and drop

I have Drag and Drop games where the person has to place 10 or 12 items in the correct spots. 

I think it would be very helpful if users had the option to "solve" the puzzle and just see what all the right answers are. 

Is it possible that feature exists but I just can't find it?

Thanks so much!


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I have implemented the "show solution" feature you require in my own version of the H5P Drag & Drop activity, plus many other useful features. See all the details with examples on my Drupal/H5P test site here: http://www.rezeau.org/drupal/

<p>Hi papi Jo,</p><p>It looks like you have addressed some really useful features for this tool.&nbsp;</p><p>I checked the links you gave but to be honest, this is way over my head. I have no idea which code is what I'm looking for or how to use it.&nbsp;</p><p>Sorry.&nbsp;</p>

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Hi papi Jo,

Thank you for the information, I lost my bookmark for your site.