Content unavilable error message when embedding content from

Hi All,

Since last Friday, a rather odd issue where embedded content is not available from, unless I am logged in with my h5p account. This means the student I build the content for cannot access the site.

This is not specific to my account; I set up another account to test the issue and have tried different content types and get the same 'Content Unavailable' message appearing.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Please see that attached screen shot.

'Content Unavailable' when creating sources in

It appears that we've had a number of items deleted.... as spam?  Ugh!

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Hi uwmlrc,

Could you please post the URLs of your contents so that we can check.


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We've found the problem and will fix it today so your content will soon be up and running again.

I'm very sorry for any problems this has caused. I see that you have a lot of content here on and would recommend that if you have technical skills you self host your content. If you're able to fund a license you could also consider where we're running more stable versions of H5P on a much more solid platform and you have access to 24/5 support. If something like this were to happen there you would be able to reach Core Team members directly and have people working on fixing any such problems immediately.

Content creation on will be closed or limited as soon as we've automated signup and payment on just isn't made for being a free service for hosting H5Ps - as this example unfortunately shows :/ The test drive was made for trying out H5P only.

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Your content should be working again except for the last one(Memory Game) which appears to have another issue - the images are missing. Are you sure you uploaded images to this content? 

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The spam filter doesn't delete anything, only unpublishes. We'll investigate the Interactive Videos you linked to tomorrow to figure out what happened to them. I'm pretty sure we'll get them to work again.

I can't open my my content. Can you help me?


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Works well for me. What browser are you using?

I can't open my my content again. This is the second time that I took the "This site is temporaily unavailable due to technical difficulties." What can be the Main reason of this error?

Can you help me?

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Not sure why this happened for your content. It could be related to the number of audio files, however, your content should be working again now.

Yes, it's working. Thank you.


Could you please republish my content again?

The unpublished h5p content is:

I believe due to a mistake of mine, I may did the captcha wrong one to many time and got caught into your Spam System.

Could you please republish the content above asap?

Its embedded in one ouf our business websites: and just looks not good...

Many Thanks!

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Hi Julia,

Please see my answer here.


Hi there!

I'm having the "content not available" issue with

Please re-publish this as it's not spam!


Thank you!



Hi there!

I think the spam filter has unpublished some of my content.

Please republish it as soon as possible.



Hi there,

I too am having an issue with content being unpublished.

Could you please re-publish my Presentation marked:  My students are not able to see this for my lecture today.

Many thanks

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Hi ZeroFox,

I'm afraid we do not republish contents anymore. Please note that is only for trying out the tool, and at the moment we have a quite aggressive spam filter enabled. You could go to the getting started page to learn how to get started with H5P if they are done trying it out on or sign up for a subscription in


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Hi BV52

This is a MASSIVE change in the way the H5P system works and has gone completely unannounced!!!! We have been using the tools for several years and appreciate the flexibility and openness of the company, however considering H5P is famously a free and open tool this is very punitive to educators and charities like ourselves using the tools. All our historic H5P content is working, however some additions we made to our content the previous two weeks are now completely unavailable and this is affecting the learning of and quality of the content we've looked to produce over the past years. We embed H5P content from the site into Schoology, which has LTI integration but not a specific app within the system. I'm really disappointed with this as a decision, we're only a small charity and the introduction of the pricing model will be hugely detrimental to the work we're trying to achieve. I'd like to discuss this further if you're able to get back to me with an email so we can ask some further question.



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I will forward your request to the core team.

Please note that when creating contents there is a note stating that is only for trying out H5P before installing it in your site.


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Hi mbrojo!

You may have missed the status update from November 2018 when the change was announced actually.



Hello H5P Team,


We have issue on this 3 contents:

May you tell us what is the proper way to add a content without getting listed as a spam pls?

To bypass that I already put some tags on those 3 contents like you tell us to do.


We have this content not on the spam list for the moment but pls whitelist it before it can into the spam list:


Thanks for you answer.





Stéphane From Learning Tribes

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Hi Stéphane,

I'm sorry but I do not have the exact list of how the spam filter works but even if I do I cannot post it here since there's no way of making sure that the spammers will not read it. Furthermore we do not whitelist or publish contents anymore since the spam filter overrides any manual inputs. As mentioned before please install one of the3 supported frameworks or sign up for once you are done trying out H5P. was not meant to be used for to host contents on an actual learning environment.


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H5P is still free and open. Nothing has changed. But we have never been providing users with free hosting for their content. Only a test-drive feature that we have continuously been warning against using for hosting real content. It is meant for those who want to try out H5P before installing it, and recently before considering an account.

If someone provides free hosting they are  most likely either using your data to make money or providing adds or they may be government funded. H5P is neither and thus can't provide free hosting :/

As anounced in November charities may apply for a free account on We will support these charities by letting any proceeds from paying customers help fund the hosting and support for content belonging to the charities. It is an efficient way for us to help charities and also help ourselves empowering everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content. A form for this isn't up and running yet, but you may contact [email protected] and describe your charity there. Please inform us of how many authoring accounts you will need, what your charity is doing and why it is not possible for you to cover your own hosting costs (many charities are swimming in government funding to be used on things like hosting and we will not support such charities with free hosting and support)

Also note that the reasons we have stopped republishing are:

  1. Often republished content is unpublished again by the spam filter. Since we've never wanted people to host real content on and have warned against this for a long time we do not want to spend our time figuring out how to make the spam filter ignore content that has been republished manually.
  2. It will soon not be possible to embed new content from anyway.

Hello - 


We are receiving an error message, randomly, on an embedded course presentation. Sometimes it shows up fine in Canvas, other times it has an error message of "content not available" 

Were there any system updates being done that could have caused this? 

Hello - 


We are receiving an error message, randomly, on an embedded course presentation. Sometimes it shows up fine in Canvas, other times it has an error message of "content not available" 

Were there any system updates being done that could have caused this? 

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Hi Digital Learning,

Afaik there have been no updates for the past few days. Would you mind providing the URL in of the content that is having the issue. Also please note the that it is encourage host your own content instead of here in