Spacing After Inserting H5P element

Help me because I think I'm simply doing something wrong.


When I add an H5P element into Canvas LMS, there's always a huge space inserted below that I can't get rid of.  I'm hoping it's a simple fix but I've attached some screenshots hoping for an easy solution. 


Sorry if this is the wrong forum or if this is a searchable topic!  New to H5P and the forum.



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Hi  jsn5066,

I don't know if this is the official explanation but, this is the space that gets used for things like the score etc. If you really want to reduce it go to the HTML editir of Canvas and reduce the specified Height. Do it little by little (say 10 pts at a time) and check how your video looks and behaves. But make sure you watch it through so that you can catch ALL its behaviour.

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Hi SparTacuS,

Thank you for the suggestion.