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Is there a way for a H5P file to be stand alone, that it is available for a offline use?

If you are viewing H5P content (a interactive course for example) on a wordpress website, or android/ios app that utilizes H5P you are viewing a file hosted on that wordpress website.

But if there is no internet connection, I would love to have a feature where user previously downloads a h5p (interactive course) and it is running it on his phone/tablet without internet connection.

Please ask any question in order to explain you better what I have in mind :)



offline running of H5P files
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Hi Miki,

This feature I would think is one of the most requested feature. Here is an example of a discussion regarding this. There are also some plans in the Roadmap although we do not have a timeline yet when this will be completed. In my own opinion this is one of the features that will have the most impact in how users, use the content.


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Thanks BV52, I read the thread you sent, yes that is exactly what I want.

Hopefully somethign like this will come in the future :)


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Hello h5p team! :) 
Happy new year!

Has there been a progress for this? 
That is make h5p files work offline? 

Thanks ! 

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Happy New Year Miki!

I do not have an idea on how far the project is but there is someone from the community that has a similar app in beta. You can read more about this here.


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Thanks Ahmed, I whave been looking into some progress with this but I found non.

I will test this out, thanks again for sharing. :)

you can display it offline with h5p-standalone

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Hi AhmedHassen,

Thank you for sharing this.