Dictation - how do I add the slowly spoken audio?

I've added the file but it doesn't appear when in the viewing modus. What am I doing wrong?

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I'v added two files, the normal one en the one slowly spoken. Only the normal one shows up in the view mode.

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Hello, Hello World!

Could you please check the development console for error messages? You can usually open it by pressing F12. As an alternative, you could also provide me with a link to the content so I could have a look myself.



Hi, I've noticed that you can add multiple audio recordings to the 'slowly spoken' category in author mode.  But when I'm in student mode and  click on the slow icon, only the first recording plays.  Here's a suggestion: if there are multiple 'slowly spoken' recordings, play each one back to back.  That way, you can optionally provide a recording for each word in the sentence spoken individually. 

Thanks, Scott    

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Hi Scott!

Being able to upload multiple samples is a general feature of the H5P core and is not limited to Dictation. This option can be used to add samples in different formats and allows the browser to pick the audio file most suited for playback.

While I like your suggestion, I don't think there's a way of changing the H5P core to suit this special behavior without breaking other content types that use audio samples.

An alternative would be to make the slow audio field in the editor a list and change the code that's responsible for handling the view, but that would not solve the initial problem.