Access to all content types

The content types offered up for testing on are supposed to give new users examples of what H5P can do. Drag and drop for instance is a content type that is more difficult to use, and for this reason, it is not enabled by default. By visiting this page as a logged in user you now have access to it and several other content types.

We recommend that you check out the tutorials for these content types, and for drag and drop specifically, note that when editing the draggables you choose possible hotspots they can be associated with. To assign the correct answers, you edit the drop zones and pick the draggables that are correct for that drop zone. If you do this incorrectly the learners will typically only be able to provide the correct answers, and will always get the full score.

Note that if you visit this page without being logged in nothing will happen. If you're logged in when visiting this page you get access to create a lot more content types.