No Next option to continue adding H5P to content

I've integrated H5P to my Brightspace Insert Stuff tool but when I create a new H5P item (I've tried the hotspot and the interactive video) it will let me create it but no NEXT button is available to move forward with adding the item to my content.  Image attached.


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Hi seckels,

That's strange you should see a "Save and Insert", "Save" and "Cancel" option at the top (screenshot attached). I will send this issue to our development team so that they can look into it.


I get no Save & Insert and no Next button.  Screen shot attached.


found the issue and it is working now.  it was in the remote plugin setup.

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Hi Seckels,

I'm sorry you're having issues with in Brightspace.

You have a replace button above the H5P content. It is not supposed to be there. That it is there indicated that this is an Insert Stuff plugin as opposed to "Insert Stuff (CIM)". Would you mind studying the Brightspace Tutorial under "Part 2: Make sure Content Item Message support is turned on" and "Part 3 - Step 4: Fill in the form like this:" and make sure that you are using the "Insert Stuff (CIM)" plugin and not just "Insert Stuff".