Call for help: improving the German translation

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I'd like to see the German translation improved as there are still many untranslated strings around or texts that are unclear (in my opinion) or inconsistent. So I've created a Website for this at There you'll find a Weblate installation, which is an open source project that simplifies the translation process by hiding all the code details. So if you'd like to contribute to the effort, you can simply register there and add suggestions on changes. The whole project is described in more detail here:

(The website works for other languages as well, of course, but I can't review changes for other languages, as I don't feel comfortable beyond German and English.)


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Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for starting this and this would be a big boost to those that would like to help in the translations.


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Hi Sebastian,

I would LOVE to take responsibility for the Hebrew translation on your new website.

Looking forward for you to accept my request on your website.


Nadav Kavalerchik

Da bin ich mit dabei, wenn ich mal Zeit habe!

I'm in when I got more time