Personality quiz - always gives first personality


I've made a personality quiz: (I have tried to attach the h5p file but it's too big)

No matter what answers are chosen, it always gives the same answer. I have experiemented with changing the order of the personalities in the edit mode and it appears that it always picks the first one listed.

The types are correctly listed, I assume? They look like: 'Placement,Project,Internship' etc.

Is this a bug or have I used it incorrectly?

Many thanks

Content types: 
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Hi Jo.Murray,

I just tested your content and I received 2 different results Shadowing and Placement. Can you please check if you are still encountering the issue. If so would you care cloning the conent and stripping off the images that should trim down the size of the content.


Hello, thank you for your reply :)

I just had another go at it and did manage to get shadowing once, but now even when I try and intentionally get other ones I still keep getting placement. I imagine it's something to do with the frequency of how often I've associated that result with answers to the questions! Would you mind taking a look?

Have attached

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Hi Jo.Murray,

I think I may have found the solution :-). In the answers the personalities are separated by a comma and a space. Please check your content that I uploaded into my account. I've tested it and I hae at least seen 4 different results.


It's working now, brilliant! Thank you for your time and help :) 

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Hi there,

I am having the same issue where even when I choose all answers to point to one "personality" (communication skill level) I always get "strong communication skills" as the output. I have checked my commas, etc. Is it because my "pesonality type" answers are three words? Should I be only using the words "strong" "satisfactory" etc for the final personality types? Help! I can't figure out what is going wrong here. I've attached my file.


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Hi imps,

You are correct you need to have the personalities as one word. The explanations you have are very in-depth anyway so one word in the personality type should not make any difference.