Serious bug in interface translation in lates versions?

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Not sure where to post this, but trying this Translation forum.

Just noticed what seems to be a serious bug (regression): the H5P content editor no longer translates its editing interface into the user's current language. Same bug happens on the 3 platforms: Moodle, Drupal & Wordpress.

I am illustrating the problem with screenshots taken from my Moodle test sites, one using H5P version tag 1.14, the other using latest 1.16 version. The current language (in Moodle) is set to French. Apart from the "usual mish-mash" of mixed translated/un-translated strings, it is quite clear that something has gone wrong with the H5P latest version. Translations OK (in green) NOT OK (in red).

Before I realized this bug was present in all 3 platforms, I posted a bug report on the Drupal site here:

Maybe this bug is related to the recent new features of offering a "language" drop-down list in the Text overrides and translations part of the editor?

Please consider this as a serious bug and provide a quick fix. Thanks!

language bug in latest versions
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Thanks for super fast bug fix, H5P team! Bug fixed in following versions:

  • Drupal version 8.x-1.0-rc14
  • WordPress version 1.13.1
  • Moodle version 2019031300 Release 1.17.1
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Hi Papi Jo,

Thank you for reporting and confirming the fix.


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I rejoiced too soon. The language detection bug has indeed been fixed in the latest releases for WordPress and Moodle, but not for Drupal 8.

I have re-opened the bug issue report on the Drupal site here:

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Upon further testing in Drupal 8, I confirm here that the language settings for H5P activities does work as expected.

It so happens that the language detection feature of Drupal 8 is fairly complicated, and the user/admin needs to carefully set the Interface text language detection!