Flashcards: More Alternative Answer

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it happens in some Flashcards learning activities I need more alternative answers to indicate.

For example, I have an image and a question that may equally refer to "psychologist" and to "psychiatrist". I mean, both answers, in this context, are perfectly - and equally - right. But we have to choose between one of them. And students can be wrong (the expected answer being psychologist) though being right (answering psychiatrist).

Now, in Fill the Blanks I have the ability to use a slash forward to separate alternatives, but here I can't.

Would this be eventually a new feature request?

Thanks for your attention

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I'm afraid you are expecting too much of the Flashcards activity! They are meant to test really basic recognition of an image and associated word(s). How can you expect your students (or anyone else) to tell a psychologist from a psychiatrist from looking at a picture?

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Yes, that is what I anticipated to my trainees, but I wanted to share this here to confront you guys on this subject.

Thank you