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Hi there :) 

I would like to have the students to attend a H5P course presentation which they have to finish with a passing grade (i.e., 90%). 

After finishing this course presentation they shall be able to re-attempt this course presentation for how often they like but without receiving any more grading (only for further personal training purpose).  

Is it possible to disable grading after they received the sufficient grade for the course presentation? 

Or is it possible to include a "Submit and finish" - Button like in a Moodle-Quiz, where the students can explicitly choose if the they want to submit their work or not?

Many thanks for your help! Have a great day.


Course presentation; grading; free training after positive grading
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Hi Eduard,

I'm afraid this is not possible within the features of the content not unless you make changes to the code. You can however use a feature in some LRS that let's you capture all the attempts. This way they can use the content repeatedly without losing the passing grade.