SCORM packager for H5P

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I've written a packager that puts H5P content into SCORM packages that can be used with any SCORM compliant LMS. You can find it here [EDIT: Updated link to new site]. Note that there is no warranty in any way and also make sure to read the "usage tips" before you decide to use it in a productive environment.


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Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your contribution I'm sure the community will benefit a lot from this.


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I would be very interested in packaging the other way around - putting a SCORM object into a H5P wrapper.

Would this be a huge undertaking?

502 Bad GatewaynginxCould you please,Sebastian, update the Scorm HP5 packager link ?

The H5P packager now works perfectly !

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I've moved the tool to a different website that should be more stable and also have more resources:

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Hi Sebastian!

Just wanted to say thank you for the tool - although it's kind of a life-extending measure for a patient way over age ;-)



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Would like to thank you for creating this H5P to SCORM conversion too!