Forum moderation slows down communication

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Coming back to the H5P forums after some time away, I notice that the previous Captcha "I'm not a robot" feature has been replaced with a forum moderation delay. I do understand the necessity to fight spam on the forums. HOwever the delay between posting a message and its appearance on the forums IMHO un-necessarily hampers communication between forum members.

Surely, at least for registered/logged in users there is no need for moderation and theirs posts should appear without delay?

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Still no answer from the H5P team to my remark?

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Hi papi Jo,

I'm sorry about the late reply. Unfortunately spammers may register their account many days, weeks and even months in advance before they start spamming. They're keeping up with the counter measures and we're spending a lot of resources on keeping the forums clean. We probably should have a feature for promoting known users when we see them to a role that can skip the manual review, but we don't have that yet.

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Thanks for your reply. I hope you can find a satisfactory solution soon.