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Hi I'm struggling to understand the basics as the file I created following Hello world tutorial 1-3 does comes up with a bunch of error messages when I try to upload it to my Wordpress site. 

I was wondering if it would be possible to make avaliable a few basic example files that can be of use to beginners along with a working greetingcard.h5p. Had a look at trying to deconstruct one of the published h5p content types but that was a bit too steep for me. 

I have attached my greetingcard.h5p file, if anyone could tell me why it won't work it would be greaty appreciated!

Hope someone can help. Thanks Jorgen

Ps. the greeting-card-with-task.h5p in the "using other libraries" tutorial will not be accepted to my wordpress site either so I dont have any simple working h5p which is quite frustrating





H5P file: 
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Hi Jorgen,

There is a working greeting card here. I will also look into your file to check what may be causing the issue, I'll comment here with my findings.


Hi and thank you, that helped a lot!

I found that to get my original file working I had to replace all of the JSON files with the JSON files from your archive. I noticed that there were discrepancies in the content in the JSON files copied from the tutorial and your files, but not exprienced enough to pinpoint why they would all fail. 

Could it be a issue with the formatting of the JSON when I copy and paste from the tutorial?
Thanks Jorgen

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Hi Jorgen,

I haven't found it as well. I'm afraid it might be as simple as 1 incorrect letter somewhere but who knows. I'll get back to you once I found out.


Hi again and thank you for looking into this!

I started with replacing the h5p.json which cleared out a few of the messages. After that the errors cascaded through each of the json files which I replaced one at a time with to the ones from your archive. Only after they were all replaced the upload went through....