Adding custom H5P content type in Course Presentation

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I am refering to this discussion started by Supriya Rajgopal on Drupal :

It's a pity that the list of H5P contents which are available in Course Presentation is "hard-coded" in the CP files itself. In the Drupal discussion mentioned above, a workaround is given to hack CP to make the inclusion of extra content types. I have followed the instructions and it's working OK. However this hack cannot be considered a satisfactory solution.

It would be really useful if the H5P HQ developers would provide a solution to this issue.Something along these lines:

  • each H5P content could provide in one of its files (e.g. in the library) a "flag" something like "I am compatible with Course Presentation)
  • at running time, Course Presentation would have a look at the full list of such "compatible" H5P contents and display them in its menu bar.
Content types: 
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Hi Papi Jo,

Thank you for the information. I am forwarding this thread to the core team as well.


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Any progress on this required feature?