Adding HTML in the tex box

I am trying to add HTML in the image hotspots within pop up content. It only allows text where as the blank notification states "Text is required and must have some text or at least an image in it."

Is the wa way i can extend the options in wordpress text editor, i have tinyMCE plugin that shows all options for posts but does not works under H5P.

Please direct.


Vicky T

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H5P uses ckeditor, changing editor is not supported.

To customize the ck-editor, try to look here:

Hello, I've just registered to report this issue....same here, i've been trying to add html code to underline or bold type some words in the text field, but there's no editor, and html won't work. Would be nice to add an editor in all fields!


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We have in our plan to add wysiwyg-support to several existing fields. Hopefully this will be available for you by the end of October. I will add a comment here when the relevant release is out!