Trying to understand H5P Results (Points Awarded and Max Points Awarded)

I want to make sure I understand Points Awarded and Max Points awarded plus Finish Time when I view H5P Results (Course Presentation, Drupal). It looks like a Finish Time is only recorded when points are awarded?  And does Max Points Awarded just refer to the total points available?  I have a bunch of interactive questions in my Course presentation, with Retry enabled on all of them. Some but not all of my users end with Points Awarded = Max Points Awarded but they all have the same Max Points Awarded.  Does that mean some users don't complete all the questions or don't retry?  Or that some users get all the questions right on the first try?  Or something else?

I'd also really like to see how much time a user spends in the Course Presentation, whether they do exercises or not.  Is there any way to capture the time between when users start advancing through the presentation and when they stop advancing? Or reach the end?  Or even how many slides they advance through?


Another observation - it looks like H5P results don't recognize someone going back to the Course Presentation - they only show the first time a user enters.  Too bad - that would be useful information.

No ideas about this?

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The points are actually quite simple. The points awarded is the sum of all the points from all the tasks in the presentation. If a task isn't answered that means 0 points.
Max points is the sum of all the max scores from all the tasks in the presentation, even if the task isn't answered it will still count towards the max points.
Finish time is the time from the task is opened until the answer is submitted. If you submit multiple times then finish time will always increase by the time between the submissions.
The points and time scored are always the last "attempt" of the user. Previous attempts are replaced by default.
If you'd like more stats and details I can recommend hooking up an LRS using the xAPI events that the content emits. Here you can in theory create any stats or data you'd like from what the users are doing (changing slides etc.)
I've also seen some hook/map these events up against custom Google Analytics events.
I will also recommend trying out the reports offered by