new conent types to download

Hi everyone, 

thank you for such an inspriring h5p conference. I hope you are all getting over jetlag :-) In the meantime, when/where can we download h5ps such as 



short course

branching scenarios (in January?)

Thank you!

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Hi Maude!

Sorry for teasing and not delivering yet :-)

Dictation should be officially available this week (maybe today). Interactive Book needs some polish, but maybe we'll manage to push it out before Christmas -- no promises though. Mini Course was just a demo and is kind of close to complete, but since it's one of our "coolness projects" it is hard to tell when it's really done. Branching Scenario should be available (as a beta at least) in January. And then there's also Bingo, which is not a complicated content type, is done and could go out, but code review/testing are still pending and we will not skip these. So I'd bet on January for that one.



I'm so interested in Interactive Book. Would be brill to have it before Christmas to bring joy to working during vacation....can't wait for dictation either :-D