h5p plugin in moodle 3.4.2+


First sorry for my english is not terrific but i want try it for make progress in english so thanks for your help.
I'm run moodle 3.4.2+ on pc and wampserver so it a local installation before put on a real server.
Installation was ok and everything works great with h5p on a cours i see h5p plugin in activities board but the problem come when i want make a  question in a bank question to moodle so when i want make a new question i dont find the plugin h5p in  activities board ?
Is it normal ? or made i something wrong ?
Thanks for your help

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H5p isn't a question bank question type. You could probably embed an h5p in the question bank text area, but only as a resource, not as a question type. 

Say you embed an h5p time-line in a MCQ or T/F, then the choices could refer to information on the time-line.  But you can't add an h5p question set as a MCQ in the question bank. 

Hope that's clear!

Think it would be great to see this option available: to add the h5p questions to the question bank and even by starting in the question bank adding a new question......