H5P supporter program

Hi there, 

When is the H5P supporter program  being released (so I can vote for requests)?




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Hi Brigette,

The supporter program afaik is still in the planning phase. The core team's time is currently dedicated to releasing H5P.com. But rest assured this is one of the top priorities as this will help a lot of users.



As you answered this questions 10 month ago: Could you please give an update about the progress on the often mentioned «supporter program»?

Thanks, David

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We're close to done implementing it, but because of deadlines on other things it is on ice for the rest of the year. Hopefully we'll be able to finish it early next year

Is this coming soon now? :)

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Hi MCCOrientation,

Sorry for the late response. The supporter program is still in the works but is scheduled to be released 3rd quarter of this year.