Download my content via ftp

As h5p can't be activated since it's last update days ago, I'd like to uninstall and reinstall it. Before I do that I'd like to "backup" my hours of work and to download my content via ftp. 

Does anyone know where those files are stored? :-)

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Rhanaer,

May we know which framework you are using and what version it is?


Of course, I'm sorry! :-)

Wordpress 4.9.8, PHP 7.2

Wordpress  4.9.8

PHP 7.2

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Hi Rhaenar,

On WordPress, the files of content and content libraries can be retrieved from the respective folders in .../wp-content/uploads/h5p.

On top of the content and content libraries, you also have the plugin files itself and "the core" at some other places, and you also have some data stored in the host systems database.