Contributing to H5P translations

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Each H5P contains it's own translation-files. If you need to translate an H5P to a language which is not supported, we would be happy to support you.

The current language files are found on github, where each H5P content type has it's own repository (e.g: The language files are found in the language folder within each repository. By using pull requests, you may add new translation files. We also accept uploading new files in this forum.

When we get new translation-files from the community, we will create a new release of the H5P content type containing the new/updated translation, and publish it here on

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Hello Arnaud!

Thank you for offering your help. Currently, the easiest way to contribute translations is to follow the instructions here:
Let me know if any of it is difficult to understand. 

- Tim 



I noticed that the tour does not display properly when using Finnish language in Moodle (see screenshot attached). How can i help with this? Gitub is not familiar to me so Is it possible to be given a table of sentences and a column to add Finnish translations for these?


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Thank you for catching this ptstockly and apologies for the late reply.

You can find some existing tranlsations in this folder:

You can create a new file using one of the existing language files as a starting point. Let me know if you have any questions :)  

I really like your content design.
And hope that I can give some help, like translate, to introduce the wonderful tools to my friends, students...
So I'm planning to update/add Chinese language for all h5p content  type, but I am afraid of that how long I need to wait after adding ?
OR if you can help me to merge the zh.json files if I finish them in  these days. (ps. I've done a little in github, you can review them first.)

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They should be merged in now :)

Thanks for this wonderful activity framework.
I have successfully installed and activated the WordPress plugin, and everything works right out of the box.

I just have one issue which is translation in French.

I have seen how to translate the activities editors, by translating the JSON files available in Github.

But I can't see how to translate the hub, where I can select the activity I want to use and download it if it is not yet available.

This screen is almost totally in English (see attached screen copy), which could be totally frustrating for some French people.

If the source code of the hub is here:

There is no "languages" folder in it.

Please tell me also how I can contribute to the translation of the hub. 

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Hi atriaforever, the translation files for the Hub are (confusingly) in the h5p-editor:

Unfortunately it's not currently possible to translate the descriptions for each of the content types yet. 

OK thanks, I will take a look next week and keep you informed.

I have completed french translation and will send it though this link:

As you mentioned, the descriptions for each of the content types are not available.

 Hoping this will come soon, the hub is the first contact with H5P, so you need to make good impression at first glance!

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Thanks a lot! We'll publish the translations as soon as we come around to it, and in some point in time, the Hub will be localizable as well.

Just translated a bunch of content to brazilian portuguese. Some pull requests are already on hold on GitHub.

Thank you for the tools,

Juliano Navroski

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Hi Juliano,

Thank you for the contribution we will review your pull request and merge it as soon as possible.


Hi, I am wondering is it possible to translate the names of the content types? I am translating H5P on Github and cannot find the language file with content type names. I would like to translate "Timeline" to "Vremenska crta", "Interactive video" to "Interaktivni video" and so on...

Thank you in advance. :)

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This is currently not possible.

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We (e-me team) translated almost every H5P library and made pull requests. Updated existing el.jsons or uploaded. We hope you 'll include our strings in future releases.

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Hi e-me_h5p,

Thank you for your contribution. The core team reviews the translations all at the same time and includes them with other updates.


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ok. thanks a lot

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What you're doing with H5P is awesome.

I would like to contribute: I can translate in the Slovenian language. Can you send me the instructions?

Regards, Kristijan Percic

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Hi Kristijan,

Thank you for your interest in contributing translations to H5P. Please head over to this page for instructions on how to translate contents.

If you have any questions feel free to post in the forums.


I translated h5p-speakthewordsset to Vietnamese on github and upload language json file to the library of my web site but nothing change. Can you possibly help me? I would highly appreciate it.

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Hi pdawarrior,

Thank you for your contribution.

The pull request needs to be merge with the production version of H5P and then released as an update before it will show up.


Hi, I'd like to contribute Simplified Chinese translation. Currently the two Chinese version: ZH and ZH-TW are both traditional Chinese.


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Hi cgduan,

Thank you for interest in contributing to making H5P better. This page provides some details on how you can translate contents.


Hi, BV52,

Thanks for your help. I'm not familiar with this way of doing translation. Anyway, I will learn:) 


Hello, I would like to take a while to translate H5p interact content to Chinese Simplified, I saw that there were some Chinese traditional copy here already. But in mainland Chinese, most people write in Chinese mainland. Also most of the people living in overseas who speak Chinese, they use Chinese Simplified. I have created a Githud account, but I can't find a way to download the file of en.json. I also opened a Crowdin account for translating needs.I have a premium Poedit, so I can translate all the file thru Crowdin with Poedit premium.So, could you please give a way how I can complete the translation for the whole project? By the way, I saw some copies in folders of the language are Chinese traditional.the language code should be zh-Hant? but now the josn file named as zh,josn. based the wikipedia iso 639 name, the Chinese Simplified is zh-hans, Chinese Traditional is zh-hant. please check out the link below for the details
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Hi Jeffrey666,

Thank you for your interest in contributing to making H5P better. To help you out with translating the link I mentioned above should provide instructions on how to do it. I will check with the core team regarding the language codes so that we can remedy this.


I just test if I comment successfully because I don't see the comment I posted before. Thanks

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Hi Jeffrey666,

I'm sorry that you needed to post another comment to check. Due to recent spam issues all posts are unpublished by default however the site moderators check these on a regular basis and publishes posts that are not spam.