Platform Agnostic

Hi Guys - I understand you cannot give instructions on how to implement your great software on every platform that a user deploys - what would really help is a conceptual overview - e.g.

1.Load jquery

2. create a div

3.load content using getUserData or whatever and using jquery put it in that div 

4. Listen for events using whatever function

I have looked at the drupal/wordpress/joomla integration but I dont want to learn these before I understand how H5P is integrated.

A simple workflow would help lots of other developers and save lots of frustration.

Thanks for your great work



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Hi Gary,

It seems that developers already familiar with Drupal or Wordpress are ok with using those plugins as a startingpoint and then port them to another platform, but for you and others not familiar with them it is a very hard task.

We've aimed for tight platform integrations, but this also means that creating new integrations is more work.

For instance in Drupal you find the code needed to view an H5P in the h5p_view function. You could say that ideally this function should just call H5PCore->view(id) or something simple as that. Instead it does quite a lot of work, using Drupals css and js cache, making the data flow through Drupals APIs so that other modules can change it etc so it is a lot of back and forth between the Drupal H5P module and the H5P PHP library just to view an H5P.

We are going to investigate how we can reduce the number of steps a plugin needs to do to for instance view an H5P and rewrite the code to make it easier to make integrations, then we will publish documentation on how to make new plugins.

Earlier this year I started on a "short" documentation following the style you describe, but I found that it would take me hours to complete it and that it would be better to wait until we've improved the API that the H5P PHP library and the H5P PHP Editor library offers.

In the mean time you may reach our to us through the contact form to get access to more instant support for you and your time when you develop the new plugin. We do this for free as long as you share your code and it is interesting for a substantial number of users.


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Any news here?

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Hi MichielRoos,

There are documentations that aims to help developers create platform integrations and .h5p specifications. I'm sorry that it is far from perfect but the core team tries to update them whenever possible. The god thing about H5P is that it is open source and encourage the community to add their own inputs. Everynow and then the core team adds contents and new documentation that has been provided by community members.