Automatic Embedding for Moodle

In Moodle and Totara it has come up that teachers would like to embed content directly on the course page.

While Labels can be used to achieve this, when a great many are embedded, mobile devices have issues loading many of them, and the label link often refers top an H5P that has to be hidden from the student - which becomes an issue when activity completion needs to be bound against it.

Here is a commit that adds three items to the H5P settings for auto embedding in Moodle/ Totara

1.) auto embed  (items are only auto-embedded when editing is off - this is to allow the editor to have full access to edit links in the LMS)

2.) Do not auto embed for mobile (displays a button that will load it when clicked)

3.) max width (that is useful to prevent small or narrow H5P items filling the page)

The update can be viewed at:

We're curious for your feedback



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Hi, I see how this could be useful.
Please create a pull request on github to the h5p-moodle-plugin repository at the 'master' branch so we can easily diff and review the changes, then discuss how to proceed. Thanks.